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      Welcome to Little Meadow Melts!

      Who are we? 

      My name is Karen, I’m the designer and creator of our products. I’ve had a passion for wax melts for a long time, experimenting with fragrances that make your rooms smell amazing! In fact, one of the first things I do every morning is light up my wax burners! Alongside me is my partner in business and life, John. The brains behind the operation, he takes care of our beautiful website, accounts, supplies and all the other boring stuff. Finally, the inspiration to our business our little daughter Marley. Always by our side, keeping us sharp! 

      We started this little adventure so we could spend our time working from home, together as a family and inspiring our little girl to be creative on her journey through life. With this in mind, we will continue to pour our hearts into our creation and with a little bit of luck, watch it grow into a successful, sustainable business.  

      So, enough about us, what about our products?

      All our wax melt products are produced by us, here in our home in County Kildare, Ireland. We only use 100% natural, vegan-friendly soy wax along with the highest quality fragrances, that resemble their scent perfectly. We also use real fruits and flowers in some of our melts.
      We try to create the look of our melts in a way that compliments their fragrance with a high quality artisan design, real natural ingredients and beautiful packaging.
      We offer our melts in Snap Pots, Snap Bars, Brittle and Assortments. We offer gift sets and hampers in a verity of sizes to suit all budgets. We can make these gifts up to suit your particular needs. We sell tealight candles and a number of different style burners for you to choose from.

      So that’s us and that’s our story! If you would like any information or further details on what we offer, please contact us and we will respond to you very soon! You can also join our mailing list at the bottom of this page, where we will announce new arrivals, promotions, discounts and competitions.


      Thank you for visiting us and best wishes to everyone.
      From the Little Meadow Melts little family!